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 global wellth awards



We created THE GLOBAL ACADEMY OF WELLBEING (HOME OF ÎLE MAISON WELLTH AWARD) to honor and recognize outstanding leaders in WELLTH - Wellness Home + Lifestyle, who’ve been leaving an incredible mark in the wellbeing and transformation of others.

Our nominees represent top wellness destinations, services and products around the world, and they are premier talents and experts in their field, creating unique brands with impeccable vision and execution. 

So, starting this year, we are nominating and recognizing our top wellth members of our community at The Global Wellth Awards. And we are going to be giving awards in following specific categories:

Wellness Home (Private Villa, Hotel Residence, Pied-a-terre); Wellness Retreat; Wellness Body, Mind & Soul Product; Wellness Home Product; Wellness Art; Wellness Interior Design Project; Wellness Expert / Coach; Wellness Center; Spa; Beauty Salon; Wellness Restaurant; Wellness Fashion Brand.

The winners will be announced in March 2020. All Île Maison members along with our Wellth Awards Committee can submit their candidates and vote.

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You can submit candidate in any category listed above: Wellness Home (Villa, Hotel Residence, Pied-a-terre) Spa Beauty Salon Wellness Coach Restaurant Wellness Retreat Wellness Center Wellness Product Wellness Art / Artist Wellness Fashion Designer / Brand