Ilona Lee is head and owner of an International Art & Interior Consulting enterprise located in New York City.  She aspires to create extraordinary experiences.  Her meticulous specialization in art and style offer an enriching vision for developing truly unique interior spaces. Spaces that can embrace, nourish, captivate and revitalize the inner self.

Ilona has successfully collaborated with established and newly emerging talent in contemporary art & design.  She offers consumers an aesthetic lifestyle in personal living spaces filled with bold artistic impressions with the use of curated art & design collections, hand selected furniture, decorative accessories, accent lighting, seasonal items, and more. It is artwork that seemingly has no limits and is just as freeing as the moments you live —an incredibly blank canvas for self-expression.



Ilona's sought after vision is to dramatically enhance and empower personal and professional brands by redefining the interior space.  Thereby, creating unique journey for brand owners, and those who they connect with. 

It is said “Our physical space is an extension of who we are.” We want our space to intrinsically express our inner thoughts and mark a subtle yet lasting impression with others.  Ilona has developed a strong network in the industry.  She can aid in sourcing, curating, and displaying art collections that reflect your success and dreams.  Through her vibrant personality you will be motivated to exchange ideas and thoughts openly.  She remains committed to search and find the quintessential art piece for any client or project. Her expertise and knowledge is proven to transcend residential and commercial spaces. 



Ilona believes it is important to surround yourself with things that you love and bring you joy. 

She will work closely with you to conscientiously choose the objects that will inhibit your living or work space.  Her process will encourage you to think outside of your normal attributes. You may at times surprise yourself by uncovering a new aspect of your inner personality.  The end result is a décor that showcases your personality, desires, dreams and personal taste. 

Previous clients have been extremely thankful in having had the opportunity to work directly with Ilona.  They have built spaces that revitalize and bring clarity and peace to your day.  Do you want to experience the same?